Each event is unique, as we customize them to fit your group's needs!

Speak with our experienced team building consultant to design a specific program that will achieve your outcomes. Your team will be engaged, reawakened, and the experience will change the way they view each other. With over 20 years of experience in corporate team building we will meet with you and create the experience that will motivate and inspire your team. Our staff offers all levels of service for your group. We can come to your site, meet you at one of our sites or work with you to find the perfect lodging partner to plan your team building retreat.
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Team Building Options

amazing race van

The Great Race

“On your mark, get set, GO!” and the race begins. Teams will get Clues and Route Information to move them through town. There will be Detours and Road Blocks for them to participate in.


Build - A - Boat

Using only the supplies provided teams must plan, design and build a boat. The boat will then need to be Captained by one of the team members who will then need to navigate the boat through a pre-designed course.

Survivor (640x480)


Divide into Tribes, come up with a tribe name, create a tribe flag and write a tribal chant. Next, you will face a series of challenges. Each Tribe will be highlighted and a winning Tribe will be named.



These puzzles are designed to be solved by a group of people. Team members are challenged to assemble these unique puzzles as a team. Edges “match” when you can find a connection that links two puzzle pieces together. You will need to find the relationships between the puzzle pieces. This is a great activity to highlight the individual thinking styles that each team member has and just how valuable that makes them to your team.

teambulding group


Groups can be divided into teams and then move through a challenging series of outdoor activities that reflect both physical and analytical challenges.

tohua tiki

Tohua Island - Portable Escape Room Game

Tāwhirimātea is the god of weather and the tiki statues of his children are missing! It is up to you and your team to return them before it’s too late! Perfect for groups of 25 – 50